Friday Mornings

ImageHello, so day 2 of blogging and here is my first meal post. This breakfast meal I’ll name Hard Attack Sandwich mostly because my dad and I would make Hard Attack Sandwich’s. When I was little he made them for me on the weekends and now that i’m older I make them for him. Things have changed for this sandwich though since it now HAS to be gluten free for me.Heres how I make it.

I used my new skillet since I apparently do not have any pans at the moment… ha. Usually i’ll use a medium sized fry pan I spray with Pam Original (mostly for the egg but it does get the bagel nice and crispy!)and the first thing I put down are thawed out Udi’s Plain Gluten Free Bagels but i’ll only use half of the bagel ( I have found that using the whole bagel is WAY too much bread). I will leave the bagel on there for just a bit before putting the other things on just because it takes a little while to cook. The next thing is  Fricks Gluten Free Honey Ham (you can find at Meijers by the bacon). This Ham is SOO good and has such great flavor! Finally I add to the fry pan an egg I salt and pepper each side and I also break the yolk.  Everything gets flipped at least,and once my egg is ready I sprinkle a lot of Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese ( put really any cheese you have or like is fine) on the egg. I’ll take the egg off and put it on my wonderful paper plate and then put the ham on top of the cheese and egg. With the bagel I spread Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (it is gluten free!) and usually mustard. Now I put the egg, cheese and ham on top of the bagel and BAM I have a Heart Attack Sandwich!

This can be made so many different ways to your liking and definitely doesn’t have to be gluten free if you don’t need it to be. Try this though and you’ll love it. Just don’t make it too much since I’m pretty sure it has the name Heart Attack Sandwich for a reason. Okay thanks for reading, I’m now off to go buy some ridiculously expensive books.


Hanna Banana

P.s. I had to take the picture with my computer since my camera got sand in it and no longer works. Maybe Eli (my fiance) will let me borrow his! I also wasn’t in the picture because i’m not really out of my pajamas yet 🙂 haha. 


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Hello World!

Hi! I’m so excited about this new blog. Here a few things about me, first off I have Celiac Disease and I am also a College student. I decided to start this blog one because I just moved into my new apartment on campus and classes have not begun so I have A LOT of time at the moment, I also thought that it would be neat to share in my adventures of making gluten free meals while at school. Hopefully I am able to keep up on this blog especially when school begins.

Well there a photo of me just so you can put a picture to the words! Heres to happy blogging!

Hanna Banana


p.s. it will probably take a little while to figure this whole blogging thing out.


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